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About us

Refugee Support Center (Association) works both within Turkey and abroad regarding the problems of asylum seekers, refugees, migrants, victims of human trafficking, applicants for international protection and stateless people in the social field.

The Association was established to generate comprehensive solutions for the current and future problems of asylum seekers, refugees, migrants, victims of human trafficking, applicants for international protection and stateless people within the scope of the Turkish legislation, to run assistance and support activities and to work on harmonization of the current legislation with international standards within the scope of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection in Turkey. 

In this regard, we aim to:

- running activities within and outside the borders of the Turkish Republic within the scope of the organization's purposes, raising awareness among the public and ensuring the public support in line with this purpose for a better understanding of the issue and to create solutions for the problem through the use of various communication channels, raise funds for the future activities and conduct research for the improvement of the current situation,

- organizing training activities such as courses, seminars, conferences and panels in order to explore the root causes of the migration of various groups, supporting research projects, disseminating the findings and making suggestions,

- Procuring all kinds of information, documents, and publications for the realization of the organization's aims, setting up a documentation center, releasing bulletins, journals, books and other publications to announce its activities and setting up a research center,

- Providing consultancy services to defend the rights of people who applied for international protection individually or as a group and assisting them to contact the relevant national and international authorities,

- Delivering humanitarian aid to survivors, asylum seekers, migrants and victims of human rights abuses, and particularly vulnerable groups such as women, children, the sick, the elderly and the disabled, as a result of earthquakes, floods, avalanches, fires, accidents, droughts, famines, and other disasters within the borders of the Turkish Republic and as a result of mobility of human groups due to conflicts and wars outside Turkey and to run coordinated activities with relevant organizations, public agencies and voluntary institutions to this aim,

- Establishing camps, admission centers, temporary settlement centers and dormitories for the accommodation of people and groups, in line with the aims and purposes of the association, supporting the centers that have been or will be established, running awareness-raising and harmonization activities, cooperating with the relevant organizations.